Abdominal Roller
Abdominal Roller
Abdominal Roller

Abdominal Roller

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Thick bold natural latex tube, high tensile strength.
Suitable for women and men, shape a perfect body with it
Spending about 10 minutes on exercises every day
Double Wheels Roller Pull Rope Exercise Equipment
A versatile, highly effective and inexpensive way to get in shape

Material: PP+ABS
Strip Length: 35-95cm(stretched)
Kneeboard Size: 42*14*4.5cm
Color: Black
Works every major upper body muscle group and your abdomen
Strengthens abs, shoulders, arms, back,waist, leg and so on Two easy-
grip handles 5-speed power strength resistance pull rope, 40 kinds of fitness action,
at home, office, outdoors can be used Super elastic and strong pull rope

Package Included: 
1 x Gym Elastic Resistance Pull Rope